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Guarding Services

Are you looking for mature, professional, highly trained and experienced security guards?

If so, you have come to the right place. Benforce guards have a great reputation when it comes to providing security services to both commercial and residential premises.

Place the safety of your life and assets in the hands of our dedicated Security Officers.

Our guards are well trained in customer service and always put their security training to use.

Our goal is to create freedom by making everyday life safer for your family and Business.

Our Geographical Coverage within Nairobi and its environs includes, CBD, Karen, Kileleshwa, Westlands, Lavington Ngong Road, Gigiri, Runda, Kilimani, Yaya, Ngumba Estate, Pangani, Eastleigh, Thome Estate, KU Area, Ruiru, Ngong Town, Ongata Rongai, Industrial Area, North Airport Road, Langata and Nairobi West.

Our goal is to create freedom by making everyday life safer for your family and Business.

We guard Homes, Houses, Malls, Shops, Commercial Buildings, Corporates, Industries, Hotels, Schools, Churches  and Construction Sites.

Events Security

With a team of highly trained elite guards, we provide professional security services during functions, events and matches.

Engage us to provide you with security during; – Weddings, Product Launch, Concerts, Corporate Functions, Private Family Functions, Sport matches, stadiums and many more…

  • Crowd movement and control
  • Admission and access control Bouncers!

Security Dogs

Our dogs are well-trained to offer you excellent security.

Dogs are one of the best deterrents against intrusion.

Our dogs include German Shepherds, Doberman and Rottweiler, Bullmastiffs, Ridgebacks, Belgian Malinois and Golden Retrievers, each provided with medical care and specialized training:

We have well trained handlers who handle the dogs at the assignments.The same attention to detail goes into Handler training to ensure that  both Dog and Man are permanently in synchrony to offer excellent security defence.


We are the best CCTV installers in Kenya. Benforce is known for world class, top quality CCTV installation in Kenya. We have an effective technical team that can handle simple to complex installations.

We have a wide range of CCTV systems, from simple analog cameras to Internet protocol cameras that can be monitored remotely.

Electric Fence

At Benforce, we clearly understand the need for quality electric fence.

We install firm, presentable, effective and long lasting electric fences.

 Therefore deter intruders from breaking into your residential and commercial premises with either Wall mounted or Stand alone Electric fence from Benforce.

Intruder Alarm Installation

We offer a wide range of both manual and automatic intruder alarm systems for one’s need.      

With manual alarm systems, call points or “panic buttons” are installed at various points in the office and residences and one is issued with mobile panic buttons as well that can be triggered in case of an emergency.

Automatic alarm systems operate on an intricate network of a pre-determined number of sensors that, once armed, trigger the alarm upon detecting movement or vibration.

Access Control Systems

Our Access control systems are designed to control the free flow of people into or out of premises. Benforce provides the latest access control solutions.

Automatic Gate

Benforce installs the latest technology of automated gate and barriers.The use of automated gates and barriers is an excellent method of stopping unwanted vehicles from entering private areas and securing car parks. Benforce offers a wide range of automatic gate systems, from simple remote control access, audio/video entry systems to keypad card access systems. These gates can also be integrated with your alarm system, audio/video entry systems and access control system to restrict movement.


A turnstile is a form of gate which allows one person to pass at a time. This helps in enforcing one-way traffic of people for example in the lobby of an office building.

It is also popular in pay in access points where it restricts passage only to people who insert a coin, a ticket or a pass. Thus a turnstile can be used in the case of paid access.

Turnstiles can also be used at a wide variety of settings, including retail, temporary exhibits, stadiums, amusement parks, museums, mass transit stations and cafeterias.

Video Door Phone

Audio Video entry systems allow you to see and speak to a person at your gate or door from your house before allowing or denying entry.

Our technical team will assess your premises and recommend the most suitable solutions.

Metal Detectors

With the increase in terrorism attacks in the world, it is imperative that all items entering premises are thoroughly inspected. Benforce supports the global fight against terrorism by supplying a wide range of metal detectors.

These easy to maintain and use gadgets  are able to detect all metallic components of a bombs, medium sized pistol and knife.   

The Walk through Detector are most suitable for office building, shopping malls ,airports, courthouses, Government offices, schools, prisons, banking and financial institutions to name a few.

Security Consultancy

  • Security Risk analysis
  • Security layouts and designs
  • Security surveys
  • Security Audits

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